Canine Behaviourist in training


Giulia joined the team at the beginning of 2017 after making a few life changing decisions and applying for a job advert she saw on our website.  

As a teenager Giulia wanted to open a rescue center and rehabilitate dogs used for fighting. But there was no option to learn about canine behaviour in the Italian countryside in the 90’s and no rescues she knew of within a 100 mile radius where she could learn. So Giulia ended up studying fine arts and cinema at university in Italy and Belgium before moving to London.

After a few years here, once she was settled Giulia found her first (adult owned) dog Mint. When Mint arrived “all my passion about dogs flooded back and I found myself reading books and articles, anything I could get me hands on regarding dogs. It was at this stage I decided to finally follow my dreams and started studying dog behaviour. I then found Gen at Pawsome Pals, we immediately clicked and she hired me. Being out on walks with the pack in a forest makes me feel I am exactly where I want to be. I deeply love and respect these amazing creatures, they never stop surprising me and fill my heart with joy”.



Sitter, weekend walker, horsewoman

Naomi came to work with Gen in 2015 primarily as a weekend walker and sitter as she was busy learning the art of saddlery during the week. Although she’s turned her attention to shoe making now she maintains, "Animals have always been my biggest passion and in my early twenties Jake my Lakeland terrier came into my life. “He’s stubborn and quirky and knows how to test my patience but it’s this independent nature which I love and has made me a terrier enthusiast!"

Naomi’s career with horses started after she left school. She is very passionate about horse and canine welfare and has taken an interest in horse psychology. Through breaking in and schooling young horses and re-training her own racehorse fresh from Newmarket, she’s learnt a great deal about these gentle and loving creatures.

Eventually, after many years of hard work Naomi managed to find Cinders, the horse of her dreams. Cinders came to Naomi as a very green four year old and they have both taught each other a great deal. They currently compete at a national level and Jake is never too far from the side lines cheering them both on.



Walker, sitter, LAMDA Examiner

Robert joined the family in 2017 after a successful career in acting and teaching and running not one but two drama schools for teenagers. No wonder he wanted to spend more quality time with his best Pal Molly and her four legged companions and less time in the classroom.

Rob may not choose to be on the stage any longer but he still commands an audience with our pals and can been seen and heard walking his way around Waltham Forest during the week. He’s very passionate about drama and the arts so examines for LAMDA when he’s not out with our pals.



Walker, musician, producer

Russell joined the Pawsome team part time in September 2018. Born in South Africa Russell grew up in an animal loving family, when he moved to the UK at the age of 3 he was surrounded by a friendly bunch of dogs and cats. But as an adult as many renting professional Londoners having a dog isn’t always an easy option. He missed the simple joy you share with a canine companion offer.

After studying music and working intensely in the music industry for many years and spending the best part of a decade teaching drums in schools to unimpressed teenagers he decided that it was time to focus more on his own creative efforts and find a job that would be totally unrelated to music to help clear his mind and stretch his legs! Russell has since become a full time member of the team and now focuses on his own two bands when hes not howling with his hounds.



Walker and Permaculture Consultant

Salah came to us in the summer of 2018 having spent the 3 years in Australia working as the farm manager at The Permaculture Research Institution. Originally from Jordan he became involved with helping farmers find more economic and sustainable ways to manage their crops.

After many years of travel, helping various communities overcome food sustainability management issues Salah was not about to settle into a 9-5 office role in the city. He wanted to continue working outdoors and missed his to trusty farm dogs terribly so joined the team as a full time walker and later as a sitter too in 2019. “Doing this job gives me the time to focus on my passions including permaculture, teaching and consulting”.

A big foodie Salah enjoys nothing more then the planting, nurturing and cooking his own delicious food which occasionally our pals get to share.



Walker, sitter, equestrian lover

Sandra started walking with our pals in spring 2019 after leaving her job as a help desk manager.

Originally from Germany Sandra has had a love of animals from as early as she can remember. She was the child that stopped to ask “can I stroke your dog please” and after a lot of persuading, her parents finally gave in and Susi the wirehaired dachshund came to live with her family. Shortly after followed Sandra’s love of horses.

While taking a career break and some time out to focus on the things she really loved, Rodney the mini Schnauzer puppy found a happy home with Sandra and her family. “I realised how much I enjoyed spending time with Rodney. Watching him grow and exploring the parks together. The idea of going back to the city filled me with dread, so I decided to combine my love for dogs and the outdoors with a fresh new career!

After doing a bit of research Sandra came across our job advert, loved what she saw and she’s been enjoying her days and some nights with your pals ever since.



Walker, sitter, dog groomer

Stewart joined the Pals in early 2019 after spending the last 3 years walking for another dog walking company in East London.

Originally from Hertfordshire Stu’s love of nature has always been a calming influence in his life.

After a long career in protection work, travelling nationally with his two German Shepherds and the odd celebrity, Stu wanted to develop a deeper understanding of our beloved pals, he completed an online course in behaviour but that wasn’t enough to quench his thirst. He’s also a fully trained City and Guilds dog groomer. “I love seeing dogs just enjoying themselves together and being dogs, that’s what gives me the biggest sense of satisfaction and is why I love doing this job.”