Giulia joined the team at the beginning of 2017 after making a few life changing decisions and applying for a job advert she saw on our website.  

As a teenager Giulia wanted to open a rescue center and rehabilitate dogs used for fighting. But there was no option to learn about canine behaviour in the Italian countryside in the 90’s and no rescues she knew of within a 100 mile radius where she could learn. So Giulia ended up studying fine arts and cinema at university in Italy and Belgium before moving to London.

After a few years here, once she was settled Giulia found her first (adult owned) dog Mint. When Mint arrived “all my passion about dogs flooded back and I found myself reading books and articles, anything I could get me hands on regarding dogs. It was at this stage I decided to finally follow my dreams and started studying dog behaviour. I then found Gen at Pawsome Pals, we immediately clicked and she hired me. Being out on walks with the pack in a forest makes me feel I am exactly where I want to be. I deeply love and respect these amazing creatures, they never stop surprising me and fill my heart with joy”.


Donna joined the Pawsome family towards the end of 2017 having previously worked as a Drama teacher for a number of years.  Ever since Gent the rescue Staffie came to live with Donna and her family, her love of dogs and joy of dog walking was rekindled. 

Unable and unwilling to hack the stress of teaching any longer Donna found pleasure from spending time out with the Pals, dogs don’t do homework and there are no exam marking or deadlines to meet, except that of a good walk in the forest.

When she’s not dog walking she’s often at the stables looking after Dolly the horse who belongs to her daughter and with whom she shares an enthusiasm for all things equine.  All too occasionally now she manages to go riding. Donna is developing her dog training skills so she can better understand what makes our four legged Pals tick.